More Than 500 of the 2013 Pro-Morsi Protesters Delivered Verdicts for Sentencing

Protestors for ex-President Mohammed Morsi have been sentenced recently in Egypt’s highest court. The 2013 protestors began the day after Morsi was ousted from power by Egypt’s military. Protestors supported the Muslim Brotherhood and demanded to have Morsi back in power. Morsi was ousted by the military in Egypt due to protests against him. However, pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters were not impressed.

Days later many high leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested, back in July of 2013. One leader included Mohammed Morsi, and several that were well-known among Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

In the weeks after, bloodshed was common among military and Muslim Brotherhood members. Those of the Muslim Brotherhood blamed the military for “shooting to kill,” however, the government denies such unnecessary gunfire. Over 2,000 deaths were recorded within three weeks after the ousting of Morsi.

Afterwards, Muslim Brotherhood members were warned not to do sit-ins. As such, forces moved in to stop the sit-ins, resulting in more than 600 deaths. Two days later, the Muslim Brotherhood calls for a “day of anger.” This day quickly turned deadly, close to 200 people died that day. Over 1,000 members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested and various weapons were seized from the Brotherhood.

Morsi was brought out of power after attempting to gain political control, rather than focusing on issues that had been on-going in Egypt. Opposition arose after his year anniversary in office, millions of Egyptians took to the streets demanding his resignation. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was the military chief who organized the ousting of Morsi. al-Sisi is now the president of Egypt.

Morsi was in court for various issues in 2016. Those who protested against Morsi in 2012 were tortured and detained against their will by Morsi as president. In 2011 Morsi attempted to organize a mass prison break. During his year as president Morsi leaked sensitive information and confidential documents to Qatar. For leaking documents and torturing those protesting against him, Morsi was sentenced for 25 years each. However, organization of a mass prison break among Muslim Brotherhood members was enough to try him for an execution penalty. Trials have started for Morsi, however, they have been on-going with additional charges being added when information is uncovered.

Most recently, Egypt’s highest court sentenced over 600 of the Muslim Brotherhood members. Over 50 of which were sentenced to death, and 45 others sentenced to life in prison. Many human rights groups say this sentencing is unjust due to over 800 people dying by the hands of the Egyptian military. However, the Muslim Brotherhood has been banned from Egypt and is considered a terrorist organization due to the level of catastrophe they brought on the nation.

Overall, this story has made headlines across the world. Egypt may be in the wrong, or the Muslim Brotherhood. We will only know if we continue to wait and watch the outcome of the trials and sentencing of several leaders, including Morsi’s multiple trials.

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