A First Look at New and Upcoming Artist Logan Michaels

Logan Michaels was born in a small town south of Saint Cloud, Minnesota called Maple Lake. The Michaels family has natural talent, and each member of the family is able to play an instrument. Growing up in such a musical household, Michaels developed a love for music at an early age. Not only did he love the music he heard, but there was a clear desire early in his childhood to be at the center of the music. Michaels would watch music videos as a child and pretend to play toy instruments.

Michaels found hip-hop music while burning CDs. This started his fire for the sounds and rhythms found in hip-hop music; the endless search had started for Michaels. Almost immediately, Michaels was drawn to its heavy rhythms and catchy lyricism. When he was 16, he made the decision of which genre of music he would pursue and under the pen name “Lil Giant”, Michaels wrote his first lyrics. This was easy as before this jump, Michaels frequently doodled and wrote in the margins of his notebooks. It wasn’t until he turned 20 when he decided to take his music seriously. Going by the new name of “Logan Michaels”, Michaels began making more personal music and reflected so in his name which is an offshoot of his real name, solidifying himself as a true artist.

In his early days, Michaels would pedal mixtapes he made rapping over instrumentals he found on YouTube, as well as covers of popular rap songs. Once enrolled in college, Michaels began producing his own beats. He said “It’s an amazing feeling to know you have a hand in every aspect of your song. You own it all and can do anything with it. There’s no better feeling than hearing an entire idea in your head and having it come fully into fruition”.

At age 20, Michaels made his first full length album which was titled “W(hole)”. This album detailed the struggles he went through and was all about rediscovering himself in a whole new light whilst fighting through feelings of depression, anxiety, loss and other mixed emotions.

Michaels got his first show shortly after this release on the Minnesota State University Mankato college campus. This show assured him of his role in the world of music and he said he felt an out of body experience like never before. He said it felt similar to being reborn into a brand new person.

For Michaels, lyrics and beats come easy. Ideas flow through his head every day to make amazing music with. The hardest part of it, is getting started. Setting up your image, making your plan for your career, it is never an easy task.

Currently, Michaels keeps up with his music by having a 714 guarantee. That means every 714 hours (30 days) Michaels puts out a new song for his fans. Michaels also has another mixtape in the works which will blend hip-hop beats with sampled or inspired Metallica music. Michaels is also working on an EP album and planning out the next album.

Michaels advice to any other artists who are just starting out is, “(don’t) set a timer on your dreams, trust the process, and stay consistent through adversity. Keep hitting the grindstone and eventually you’ll be sharp enough to cut anything.”

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