Plane with Post Malone Aboard Makes Emergency Landing

A small jet carrying the rapper Post Malone was circling New York City after the MTV Music Awards when it needed an emergency landing this week. Two tires blew out while attempting to leave New York, and caused for an emergency landing. The plane left New York’s runway at 11am on course to London.

post malone tire
Photo by Stewart Air National Guard Fire Department

The plane tires were completely shredded. Once the plane had burned off enough fuel, the crew brought the plane safely to the ground for an emergency landing. The plane itself looks fine, however, the tires may not have landed them safely had they continued to London. One other issue is the wing looked bent and damaged after further inspection of the plane.

The plane carrying the rapper and others has since made it’s landing safely back down on the tarmac. All passengers and crew are safe including rapper Post Malone who had this to say on his twitter after people wished death on him:

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