Utah Man Crashes Plane Into His Own Home

This week, Duane Youd crashed a company plane into his own home after assaulting his wife earlier that day. Youd was believed to be sober, and an experienced pilot. The crash is said to be purposeful, although the reason why is unknown.

Earlier on Monday Youd had assaulted his wife in a Canyon near their home where onlookers that were present notified authorities. Youd was later arrested, and jailed for a few hours before bailing out. Later, Youd was escorted to his home to gather some belongings and his truck. Youd was fine during this interaction and showed no signs of anger or problems with his wife. This occurred around midnight, only a few hours before he decided to crash into his own home with a plane.

Youd passed away as he was engulfed by the flames coming from the plane. His wife and a child in the home were able to escape without injury despite how the front of the home looked completely destroyed by flames and the plane crash.

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