Aretha Franklin Passes Away at Age 76


The undisputed Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, was always a legendary singer. With her hit songs like “Respect” helping many people remember how to spell the word and demand it from people, she shook the world with her amazing voice.

This week, Aretha was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The world had become fearful for the singer. Many prayers were sent out to her and her family. The fight against her cancer sadly was short lived, and she had passed just 2 days after being diagnosed.

Aretha had an amazing life. She had been singing for 60 years and her songs featured strong ties to womanhood, independence, love, lost, and more. She learned to play piano by ear, and grew up singing gospel in her father’s church. She released her first album in 1961 transferring from gospel to pop. This launched her career in the pop scene. The song Respect had become tied to her name, winning her first Grammy. After that, she went on to win 18 Grammys and performed for 3 United States Inaugural Presidents and the pope when he visited the US. Her most recent performance was for Elton John’s Aids benefit in 2017.

Prior to the fame she received with her powerful voice, Aretha’s life was filled with fear. She had been afraid she was never going to be good enough. This led to many issues with stress on her. She was a young performer who had exploded into the industry with very little preparation. Aretha was afraid of flying in airplanes and driving on her buses during thunder storms. She also suffered through issues with weight gain which made her feel like her fans would leave her.

However, her fans stayed with her through thick and thin. in the later years of her music career, Aretha achieved legendary status. She was adored by the world and her fans never left her. Even in her death, she is sorely missed by everyone who worked with her, or heard the incredible voice she had.

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