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Mae Simpson Music is taking the Twin Cities by storm. Growing up in Beaufort, South Carolina, Mae began writing music at an early age. With her guitar, she found a fresh new sound combining her inspirations of blues, funk, soul, and folk music. Mae began her career as a rapper. When she left her hometown, she went to Nebraska, eventually ending up in Minneapolis where she found her band.

Mae began her first show with a full band at a Yoga studio. This setting was a relaxing place to start, but much like all her shows to follow, she made sure they were fun. The band featured her guitar and vocals, percussion, bass, and horns which electrified the venue.

Mae Simpson said that the easiest thing for her was being on stage and making people feel through good vibrations. It’s her natural element and with her fun funky sound, people can hear all the old school sounds they love with a new twist.

Like most musicians, the hardest part about beginning a musical career is the money. Music equipment and promotions cost money and most acts look for free or cheap ways to get ahead. Mae Simpson has tons of social media exposure and plays shows on many weekend.

Since the forming of Mae Simpson Music, which began 8 months ago, the band has seen many opportunities come their way. The band won the battle of the bands blues in Minneapolis. They also opened for the Blues and Funk Festival and have been on the main stage for 6 festivals.

Mae herself has said: “As a band, your fans are a huge part of helping. People like what they hear. People like what you bring on stage. Your energy can really pull people in or push them away. We have been lucky enough to pull them in. We have made many friends like Peter Greenlund, who worked with the late great Prince and currently mixes for the band, who allows us to use a wonderful space to practice in. Along the way, you meet those people who also believe. There is power in that.”

Mae, like most artists, wants to live off of what they do. She wants music to be her one and only job. She stated that rich and famous would be nice, but not necessary. “We have said this from the beginning. This is a train. It does not stop, it only moves forward. I have no plans to look back and to only reach for more. Whatever comes, we will be ready.”

Mae Simpson gave some helpful words of advice for aspiring artists. She said, “Don’t lose the humble part of yourself that makes you who you are. Always promote yourself and invest in your product. Be authentic.”

On July 5th, 2018, Mae released her first EP (extended play record) at the Icehouse in Minneapolis Minnesota. The EP was titled “Feel It Comin” and it is available on all streaming networks. The band’s next project will be a full length album which they plan to start this coming winter.

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