6ix9ine Kidnapped and Claims “It was an Inside Job”

Photo by Johnny Nunez via Getty Images
Photo via TMZ

Rapper 6ix9ine was recently hospitalized after being attacked by unknown assailants.
The rapper told TMZ that he was attacked after filming a music video and returning home. When he got home, another car pulled up and blocked his driveway. Three gunman came out of the car and the rapper was then “pistol whipped.” They put him in the back of a car and drove around for a while. The assailants asked that he give them money and jewelry which the rapper didn’t have on his person.

They then returned home and forced him out of the car at gunpoint. They made him call someone in the house to get the items they asked for. Once they got the items, they made their escape with the rapper still in the trunk. 6ix9ine said he eventually escaped the trunk and found help. The driver helping him called the hospital where he was taken to treat his injuries.

6ix9ine believes those who robbed him knew where he would be and what he would be doing, leading him to believe “it was an inside job.”

Below is 6ix9ine’s interview about what happened. Video contains strong language, viewer discretion is advised.

TMZ released a photo of the rapper showing his wounds after the hospitalization. The rapper reportedly lost about $800,000 worth of cash and jewelry in the robbery.

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