Chance Releases 4 New Songs and Buys News Website, Wiz Khalifa Releases New Album

Chance the Rapper may not be releasing a new album this week as was rumored, but the recently engaged rapper refuses to disappoint. This week, Chance put out 4 new songs to keep his fans at bay while he works. The 4 song playlist features harmonic piano melodies, fresh bass lines, and of course the lyricism of the Chicago native.

Chance also purchased the news website Chicagoist with the goal of “amplifying diverse voices and content.” The previous owners of Chicagoist, New York’s public radio station WNYC, has confirmed the purchase. Chance has previously noted that he bought the company to run “racist” media organisations out of business.


Wiz Khalifa also put out an entire album earlier this week titled “Rolling Papers 2”. This album is his follow up to Rolling Papers which came out in 2011. Wiz brings his classic stoner party rap style along with heartwarming songs just as he’s always done. The rapper has 25 songs about smoking Khalifa Kush (or KK), lavish lifestyles, female encounters, and uplifting vibes.


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