Facial Recognition Regulation Suggested by Microsoft

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Microsoft is urging Congress to regulate facial recognition software, similar to the way medications, food or vehicles can be regulated.

Technology is usually not regulated in this way. However, Microsoft feels that the technology of facial recognition is so powerful that it should be highly regulated. They base this call for regulation on the ability of facial recognition to gather information about people without their permission.  Artificial intelligence has definitely set off battles with tech companies that utilize the software, and has caused Microsoft to ask the government to begin regulating this technology.

Facial recognition has no real guidelines or restrictions that can hinder it from being on without permission. Shutting off facial recognition technology on a phone or computer can be difficult, making it unlikely for an individual consumer to shut off the facial scanning completely. This can infringe on rights to anonymously attend protests and and anonymously go from one place to another. This can cause mass surveillance to start occurring, without the user ever knowing it is happening through their own phone or computer.

Regulating this powerful software could be the key to keeping some of our privacy. Back in April, Facebook faced accusations that they had turned on facial recognition tech without permission of the user, which they denied vehemently.

Biometric data was discussed in 2012 by Congress, but they did not implement laws pertaining to an individuals right to give permission before having their biometric data utilized.

Even though Microsoft has suggested the idea of regulating facial recognition technology, they infringed on privacy rights of the people by donating $195,000 to defeat California’s consumer privacy bill back in May of this year.

With new additions for biometric scanning technologies being added to iPhone’s, Samsung’s, LG phones, and many more companies utilized this technology; there is an increased risk for privacy leak and information being stolen. The right to privacy is a basic right, that should reasonably be available to all. However, with the additions of facial recognition and other biometric technology, we can see that privacy can and will be infringed on without new laws and regulations from Congress.

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