72-Year-Old Man Tries to Burn Down Condominium to “Kill All Jews”

Photo by Miami-Dade County Corrections

72-year-old Walter Edward Stolper threatened to set fire to his condominium in Miami, Florida to “kill all Jews” that lived there. Stolper told Luis Diaz about his plans to kill his neighbors while he was stewing with anger.

The police were alerted and went to Stolper’s resident where they found Stolper well underway with his plan to execute his neighbors by burning them alive. Stolper had several gallons of gasoline already poured down the corridor of the condos. Stolper had other explosive items ready to detonate. This could have been a catastrophe if the business associate had not alerted police.

“He was telling me that, you know, he was tired of the association in his building and ‘these Jews in the building’ and that he was going to do something about it,” Diaz told CBS Miami. “I thought he was venting, but then he got a little serious when he told me he started ordering canisters for fuel and that he was going to burn the building.”

Stolper argues that he was trying to have a “small BBQ” with the gas that he purchased. However, the large amount of gas found at Stolper’s home says otherwise. Along with the gasoline, Stolper had swastika symbols, and had made antisemitic comments. His anger seems to stem from a “pending eviction and anger towards Jewish Neighbors.” A judge and jury will decide Stolper’s fate.

Stolper has been arrested and is being charged with attempted arson, and attempted murder. Stolper is being held in Miami-Dade Correctional Facility, in Miami, Florida.

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