Santa Fe School Shooting Leaves 10 Dead, GOP in Hot Seat

Another month, another tragic school shooting in America.  Coming quickly on the heels of the devastating mass shooting in Florida that left 17 students dead, the latest massacre at Santa Fe High School in Texas guarantees that the debate over gun control will only intensify.  Twenty minutes outside of Galveston, a student used a shotgun and a revolver to kill eight students and two teachers at his high school.  Just as in Florida, the shooter has been captured and is in custody.  Again, the political left and right will clash over what is responsible for a teenager being able to enter a school with multiple firearms.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17 (Shooter)

Predictably, Republicans responding to the tragedy have steered clear of criticizing existing gun laws.  In a controversial move, Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, widely seen as an up-and-comer, has suggested that all schools in Texas be retrofitted to have limited entrances and exits in order to better control who enters the buildings.

This horrific event began shortly after the start of class, around 7:30 in the morning. Pagourtzis (shooter) had this planned, according to reports of computer entries and cell phone notes. There are hints that Pagourtzis was not completely alone in this, as reported by Galveston police, but these speculations have yet to be confirmed.

Pagourtzis did not show “outward” signs of threat, or the desire to kill others until the morning of the shooting. Pagourtzis posted on Facebook a picture of his trench coat, the meaning of the items on the trench coat, and a shirt that reads “born to kill.”

Other students spoke with reporters saying that Pagourtzis was a ‘loner’ and would usually wear a trench coat to school. Despite Santa Fe being around 90 + degrees Fahrenheit almost all year round. Some suggest that someone who struggles to make friends, is silent, and wears a trench coat in 90 degree weather is someone to keep an eye on. Whether or not they have made “active” threats.

This brings into question gun laws and how people acquire guns. As of right now, Texas lawmakers have not brought anything up. However, many will be pushing for a change in how people acquire guns in the state of Texas. Pagourtzis did not acquire these guns on his own, especially since he is 17. However, he stole from his father the .38 revolver and shotgun he utilized to commit this heinous crime.

He also attempted to use bombs as a method of terror. There were moltov cocktails, unlit of course, and others were homemade bombs with nails but without a detonator or explosive power. Trump made comment that this act was horrific, but there are no federal law changes for guns at this time, nor were there after the Parkland shooting.

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