Advertisements for Laura Ingraham Fall After Mockery of David Hogg

After Fox News host, Laura Ingraham, openly mocked David Hogg for not getting into some colleges he applied to, many of her advertisers dropped her show. Hogg applied to some high level schools but was rejected, and this became Ingraham’s main topic of concern on her Twitter post. People were upset that she chose Parkland kids to personally attack on her platform.

Hogg went straight for Ingraham’s advertisers after he saw the report. Hogg was unimpressed by the level of immaturity, as well as other Americans who showed thier disapproval of her actions. Even if you do not agree with Ingraham or Hogg, there’s little reason to publicly bash a 17-year-old kid for not being able to get into tough colleges.

Many of the advertisers previously supporting Ingraham’s show on Fox News have pulled out since. Including, but not limited to, WayFair, Tripadvisor and Stitch Fix. While Ingraham made a public apology, Hogg was not convinced because she only apologized after the advertisers had pulled their funding to her show.

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