Trump Signs $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill, Gets Heavily Criticized by Conservatives

Despite criticizing the Omnibus Spending Bill passed by a Republican-controlled Congress, President Trump backed down from his earlier veto threat and signed the 2,232 page document into law.  Trump said that, despite serious objections, he was approving the budget because it allows the government to “build our military.”  Observably upset about the bill, President Trump said, “I will never sign another bill like this again. I’m not going to do it again. Nobody read it. It’s only hours old. Some people don’t even know — it’s $1.3 trillion.”

As usual, the GOP’s demand for more military funding, which clashed directly with the party’s alleged fiscal conservatism, has resulted in more spending on domestic programs.  Donald Trump finally got his much-wanted boost in defense spending, but he had to give liberals more domestic spending as well.  In the end, the national debt will continue to soar.  For all the “conservative” bluster about debt and government waste, the obsession with giving more billions to the Pentagon is considered baffling.

Trump also said in the speech, “I’ve signed this omnibus budge bill. There are a lot of things I’m unhappy about this bill. There are a lot of things we shouldn’t have had in this bill but we were, in a sense, forced if we want to build out military, we were forced to have.” The statement by the president has many wondering how the Art of the Deal President was forced into a bill he didn’t want. What was the hurry to sign the bill if he still didn’t like it, why not negotiate further?  Many speculate that the president needed a quick win under his belt for the coming months, even if it means a loss for conservatism. This has led many strong conservatists and Trump supporters to criticize the president, like Fox News host Laura Ingram and even Ann Coulter who wrote the book In Trump We Trust.

Despite being unable to account for hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars, the military continues to receive blank checks from defense hawks who, ironically, usually criticize unnecessary government spending.  Only recently has the federal government even attempted to audit the Pentagon, and it ain’t a pretty picture.  Military spending is important, but many argue that unnecessary military spending holds back the country from stepping into the future.

By insisting on increasing military spending, President Trump has guaranteed that Democrats will get their desired increases in social spending.  As a result, Trump and his supporters can no longer be considered fiscal conservatives.  They know that their unchecked increase of the military is breaking the bank, but they still persist…and then complain about the rising debt. They hope to be able to hang thier heads on having supported the military when it comes time for the midterms.

Trump is not believed when he says he won’t sign another budget like this one.  Higher social spending is the necessary cost of getting Democrats to accept unneeded increases in defense spending, and many know this.  It seems harder for politicians to be productive on education and health care but easy to spend on the military, new prisons, or the war on drugs. The military is certainly important, but so are the citizens they protect.

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