Vermont Passes Gun Removal Bill

After recent gun violence threats to Fair Haven Union High School, the Vermont Senate has unanimously voted (30 to 0), to allow law enforcement agents to remove firearms from those who are mentally unstable or incompetent.

Removals could last anywhere from 14 days minimum to 60 days maximum; but can be renewed by another hearing from a judge.

Recent gun violence threats by Jack Sawyer, an 18-year-old resident of Vermont, spiked a serious concern for many schools in the small towns in Vermont. Just a day after the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting in Florida, Vermont police arrested the 18-year-old male for making threats against his former high school. Many have been concerned for their children’s safety at school’s and daycares throughout the state. This bill may just give some parents the peace-of-mind they’ve been looking for.

Members of the NRA who also sit as Senators in Vermont said the bill was all inclusive and very informative as to how they would “control” the gun violence. Many said that it is not a “gun control” bill, but rather, it controls the people who cannot control themselves.

It is a bill designed to keep guns out of the wrong hands. While many law-abiding citizens have guns and do not threaten violence with them, there are those who do not share the same moral principles, nor do they have the same capacity to control themselves from committing such crimes. This is a bill that offers peace-of-mind for schools, parents, and those who want to keep their 2nd Amendment rights while having the public protected.

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