A Woman Killed a Teenager to Mark off ‘Murder’ From her Bucket List

AUSTRALIA – Jemma Lilley, 26, was convicted of murdering autistic 18-year-old Aaron Pajich. Alongside of Lilley was her 43-year-old friend Trudi Lenon.

Lilley’s ‘bucket list’ item was to murder someone before she turned 25. She had desired to learn about serial killers, and even wrote a book called “SOS” where she depicted herself as the main character, a killer. Her step-mother first thought her obsession was with horror stories, but then read some of the content the book held and was very disturbed.

Pajich was lured into Lilley and Lenon’s home, where they had setup tarps and blacked out the windows to cover it up. They stabbed Pajich multiple times, and strangled him to death. They also buried Pajich in a shallow grave, and attempted to cover it up with concrete and tile. However, that could not stop Lilley from bragging about the incident to a coworker.

She told her coworker that she stabbed Mr. Pajich as Ms. Lenon held I’m down, Mr. McTaggart alleged, providing details only the killer would have known. “She described how she stabbed a person and then as if to convince [him] of the story… she told him about publicity surrounding the case and showed him a photo of Mr. Pajich,” Mr. McTaggart said. “She wore Aaron Pajich’s murder as some sort of badge of honor.” Mr. McTaggart alleges she described in detail what she did, saying “it was harder than I thought it would be” and “there was blood everywhere.”

Just the day after the murder had taken place, Lilley texted Lenon and thanked her for the “thrilling experience,” and how happy it had made her. She was ecstatic about the work she had done. Lenon’s reply was, “You are welcome, SOS.” Truly, a cold-blooded murder.

Guilty was an easy choice to make, the jury deliberated for only 3 hours and returned with a guilty verdict for the women. However, Lenon and Lilley pointed fingers at one another during the 5-week trial, saying the other had committed the crime. Overall, the jury could see based on the cold hard evidence that both were guilty parties in this crime. Pajich’s parents had no comment, but were present during trial, and were very happy with the verdict.

Clearly, Lilley would be a threat to society if left out on the street. The amount of evidence they found was enough to send her away for life.

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