Two Plead Guilty to Murder Charges After an Altercation on Facebook Turned Into a Real Life Assault

Raymond Boyle, and Dalton Stropes plead guilty in Cook County Courthouse this week. Back in 2015, Stropes and Boyle’s friend Angela Escamilla was stabbed in the chest, resulting in her death after an altercation with a 19-year-old male who has not been named.

On June 29, 2015, Stropes, Boyle and Escamilla cornered a 19-year-old male into an alley. The 19-year-old male pulled out a knife to try and get the three individuals away from him. Instead, they got closer. The 19-year-old male put the knife away because Escamilla insinuated that they were going to fight him.

Prior to this date, Boyle had been “fighting” with the 19-year-old male on Facebook, it is unclear from reports what these boys had been fighting about. After fighting for sometime on Facebook, Boyle decided to make it a real fight. The 19-year-old male was brought into the alley by the three individuals, and the altercation started verbally.

After showing his knife, the 19-year-old continued to back into the alley. Escamilla then got into his face and said they would “beat his ass.” She proceeded to punch him in the face. Boyle and Stropes joined into the beating afterwards. While the three were beating the 19-year-old male, he took out his pocket knife, and stabbed Escamilla and Boyle, and also cut Stropes’ face.

Escamilla died later from a fatal stab wound to the chest. The 19-year-old is seen as not guilty on an account of ‘self-defense,’ thus, the charges of murder in the second degree were put on Stropes and Boyle who have plead guilty to these charges and will serve 8 years in jail for that charge alone.

Stropes also added another 18 months to his jail sentence due to an altercation in the courtroom with a correctional officer, which caused injuries to the officer while he was attempting to take Stropes down.

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