Equifax Hacked, Public Learns About Hacking at a Convenient Time for Equifax

After a security breach was finally announced by Equifax this month, millions of individuals have been scrambling to see if their identities have been threatened or money has been stolen from their personal accounts or credit cards. Equifax reported that 143 million American’s financial information had been hacked into, including social security numbers, birth dates, and other personal information. Many have brought lawsuits upon Equifax, and have demanded class-action lawsuits, juries, the whole nine yards, to sue Equifax for this “error.”

Equifax is a credit reporting agency that sells our information to other people, without regard for the people behind the information they’re selling. This disregard for people is shown by the fact that Equifax knew about the security breach in July of this year. Information has been leaking since mid-May, and they did nothing about it till now.

Equifax has continued to ruin their own reputation by stating that call centers may be far too busy to assist all the customers because of hurricane Irma. Some argue that this is the ‘perfect storm’ for them to hide behind instead of dealing with the issue head on. Considering they knew on July 29th, but waited till last week to report this breach, it is a reasonable argument that they are hiding behind Irma. Even more so considering that power is out all over the state of Florida, which is where many of the call centers are located; along with Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas.

Equifax cannot be escaped. Unless you have no credit, in that case, you are safe from the security breach; which is the largest in the United States history. Hopefully Equifax doesn’t try to make this issue ‘blow over.’ In response to the backlash, Equifax recently posted on twitter that they would “waive all Security Freeze fees for the next 30 days.” Nevertheless, it will be a long road to recovery at Equifax headquarters.

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