Minnesota Company Providing Opportunities to Emerging Artists

Polar North Records and Entertainment (PNR) are a production group who produce, master, mix and record music for artists. Antoine D. Miles is the founder of PNR, he helps fund and grow the recording studio out of his own home. He had a desire to create music and rhythms that were not your typical “mainstream” items. With this in mind, he was able to find other individuals who shared the same desire, thus, PNR was born.

Three years ago, Antoine D. Miles, CEO of Polar North Records and Entertainment was itching to make new music, music that would be different and exciting. He had equipment ready and was working on some “dronography” (drone photography) jobs around his hometown. With some beginner tools, Miles began recording new rap music, and ended up finding individuals who had the same desire as him. One was Jay Ledesma, now CFO of Polar North. Alongside them is Aj Valenz, who is the executive producer and one of the recording artists on the PNR label. Together, they have become a success in the small town of Jordan, Minnesota where they record and produce music.

Polar North Records and Entertainment has grown as a business so quickly because they have learned to work with people and help artists grow into the artist they desire to be. They have overcome their struggles by “getting on the same page… learning to take constructive criticism from one another… and by learning to grow from the advice they were given” said, CEO, Antoine Miles in our interview earlier today. Miles also said that it has been a blessing to watch the company grow from the “infant stage” and the music being “okay,” to people saying; “that sounds like something on the radio.” Even I commented when I was at the Polar North studio, that their songs sounded like something I had heard on the radio; but then I continued listening and realized how unique they were. Now I am awaiting the day that I turn on Sirius XM 45 and 46, and hear some of their music playing.

Right now Miles, Ledesma and Valenz are working with artists to help them catch and maintain flows as they record, and how to deliver what they desire to say with their music. They have also been teaching recording artists how to maintain a good public image. Again, Miles stated that the music PNR makes will not “sound like everyone else.” Mainstream music and radio “hits” don’t last long, they desire to have their artists remembered through the years to come as unique, fresh, and different. Of course, they have many artists that are unique and different from what is on the radio today. Some of the people that stop by on a typical day to record are; Aj Valenz, Young Savo, T Smith, Dantrell Harris, Darius McCrae, Bleeko, and Brian. While the company is young, some artists have been creating their own music for quite some time.

Aj Valenz is one of those artists, he has been working on music for several years and has become one of the “best artists,” Miles has ever had the chance to work with. Miles also commented that Valenz is an “awesome producer.” He has the abilities most individuals with Bachelor’s in music producing do not have.

Overall, Polar North Records and Entertainment have made their prices affordable for those artists who want to be discovered, but cannot afford the ‘high-end’ recording labels. With Valenz as the executive producer, it’s fair to assume your music will not be a let down, and you will get a great recording session. After interviewing and interacting with some members of PNR, I can say that these individuals create a friendly atmosphere, with no judgment and a lot of love. You can go to their website, check them out on SoundCloud, connect on Instagram, or like them on Facebook for updates.

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