Hurricane Harvey Causes Texas to Overcome Political Divide

There are many amazing stories of people taking time out of their lives to give back to those in Texas. People have been donating and branching out throughout the past week to Texas, to relieve those in the area of their troubles and help them make it through this hard time. Even with this “division” the media speaks of in our country, Texas can say it sees the better side of people right now.

President Trump has made two visits to Houston to meet with some victims of hurricane Harvey. There have been people from all over Texas and the country volunteering by the thousands to find something they can do to help others. For some, the only way they can help is to donate some money to help disaster relief efforts. A link to a proper GoFundMe page (Direct Impact Fund) has been provided to prevent donation scams, which unfortunately have become prevalent since the disaster.

Some have driven their trucks and taken out their boats to help find survivors of the storm that are stuck where the waters are still high. While this may be a disaster, it has caused a stir in the heart of Americans to unite with one another. It is amazing to watch people donating their time and money to such an amazing cause.

If you haven’t heard about the news in Texas, and how your fellow Americans are bonding together, you’re missing an amazing show of unity and goodness in humanity. People in Texas are currently not worried about who voted which way, who practices which religion, or which direction the country should take on the future of HealthCare. In this time of struggle, people affected by the storm are only concerned with safety and survival. Don’t let some media outlets tell you our country is nothing but divided, because Harvey relief efforts show otherwise.

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