A Tale of Two Trumps: The Authentic Trump vs. The Scripted Trump

President Trump made a mostly unscripted speech in Phoenix this week that has been heavily described as divisive. Less than 24 hours afterwards, the president sounded drastically different while speaking in Nevada at the American Legion’s national convention. The difference between these speeches is that the Phoenix speech was for his supporters at a rally style event where he mostly spoke his mind instead of reading a script, while the speech in Nevada was scripted.

This isn’t shocking. Throughout his career, the success of Donald Trump has relied on him being able to buy intelligent consultants who can, in essence, script his business dealings to put him in the best financial position. The assumption by the American public was that he would always take the advice of his advisors while he was president. The dangerous moments for Donald Trump arise when he leaves the advice of his advisors and engages in his own behaviors instead of his scripted behavior.

This same occurrence of two Trumps was seen throughout the campaign, and news consumers were well aware of it. The assumption made by many was that he would leave the erratic Donald Trump behind and only be the presidential Trump while he was president. The hard truth that some still fail to recognize is that the erratic Trump is the real Trump and the presidential seeming Trump is a scripted character the president is pretending to be.

Like any good movie or show, if you pretend well enough, you can get people to believe you are what is on the script. However, the celebrity that is Donald Trump has found himself in a reality role that carries a lot of weight, where the President can pretend only so much until his real self begins to affect American lives domestic and abroad. The dangers of the real Donald Trump are apparent when it comes to making unscripted decisions.

Data scientists like David Robinson, have assessed Trump’s every tweet and recognized patterns that are similar to the differences in his speeches. As described in the video below, when Donald Trump is tweeting from his Android, it is him that is making those tweets and they are usually some kind of divisive language against someone or some place. When his tweets come from his iPhone, it is from those who script his messaging to sound more presidential.

As analysts realize and make public the differences between his scripted speeches and his authentic speeches, President Trump responded on Twitter. On the morning of August 24th, the president responded on Twitter by saying “The Fake News is now complaining about my different types of back to back speeches. Well, there was Afghanistan (somber), the big Rally (enthusiastic, dynamic and fun) and the American Legion – V.A. (respectful and strong). Too bad the Dems have no one who can change tones!”

Trump Tweet

These tweets aren’t meant for those who are attentive to reports and have been engaged with the political climates. Those who take part in political consumption understand that he isn’t the only individual in politics who has different tones at different events. He also isn’t the only individual who panders to crowds in different ways depending on the crowd in front of them.

When President Trump goes off script, the country is allowed to see his erratic nature which pleases his most loyal supporters but is concerning to the majority. The question is how much the president will go off script while in office. Also, will President Trump going off script gain him any more supporters or merely solidify the support of his most loyal supporters.

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