Small Farms Could Help Rural America and Help Fight Climate Change

The promises from both presidential candidates during the 2016 debates and rallies may never come true or hold for rural America. Where farms are rotting away, buildings are collapsing and many of what used to be rural America is slipping away into the hands of multi-billion dollar monopolies who own the farming industry in America.

A solution seems far away when you ask for promises to be answered by the government. Some rural towns have begun to pave their own way. They have slowly started to grow their own vegetables, fruits, and livestock on farms. Many of these individuals are Amish. They have slowly integrated into parts of the United States that have been abandoned because of “big buy-outs” done by corporations like Monsanto.

This is a huge problem for the food industry and the farming industry. However, these small towns have seen growth because of Amish buying land and growing organic foods for towns near and far. Organic Valley is one of the companies that has grown, instead of faltering, as many have done because of Monsanto lawsuits and buyouts. This small-scale farming could be the answer to bringing back rural America, and changing the route of the climate.

Some have taken to ranching, which essentially involves tilling the soil, fertilizing it, and letting it grow grass again for the horses to eat before repeating the cycle. New soil means that the ground would keep the water instead of dispersing it, as it has been recently, due to old dirt not absorbing the water. Without this process, rural America could become a desert ‘like’ area, and farming would be impossible. It would cause drought and famine in this country. But people in those small towns are desperately trying to save the farming industry, and will continue to do so until it restores rural America.

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