Clarks is Bashed for Sexist Shoe Names and Inferior Durability for Girls

Shoe lines at Clarks have been bashed for having names like “Dolly Babe” for the girls, and “Leader” for the boys. Others have criticized not only the naming of the shoes, but also the styles they come in. Boys shoes are likely to be durable and sturdy, whereas girl’s shoes are inferior to the boy’s.

Clarks Shoes
“Dolly Babe” Shoe and “Leader” Shoe

Many took to social media over the last few days to criticize Clarks over their choice in naming the shoes, which have since been removed from their website. However, the shoes are still available, by the same name on other websites like Amazon.

Clarks has been working in recent years to conform to the standards of society and customer feedback on the names of their shoes, and the overall quality. However, many customers say that this has not changed at all, and most shoes are generally for boys or girls, but not unisex, as Clarks has continued to promise to customers. In the future, Clarks hopes to have a unisex shoe line that is approved by all customers.

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