Cassini Space Probe Running Out of Fuel Near Saturn

Cassini, the space probe, has been circling Saturn for about 20 years now. A combination of American, European, and Italian space programs have been researching with this probe for quite some time. They have been checking to see what Saturn is made up of, and how many hours are in a day on the planet.

This space probe has been circling Saturn and gathering information from Saturn’s atmosphere. Cassini has been able to get within 1,000 miles of the clouds that are in Saturn, which is the closest human production has ever come to Saturn. This has enabled scientists to collect data about the atmosphere they would have never thought possible.

After 20 years of outer space exploration, Cassini is running low on fuel and the scientists running it may lose all controls. This could cause the probe to crash into one of Saturn’s moons, which may support microbial life, so it is important to keep the probe away from the moons. Which is why on September 15, 2017, Cassini will be deliberately crashed into Saturn. However, before Cassini is crashed, it will make four more rounds, hopefully getting even closer to the planet and gathering more information.

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