American Tourist gets Assaulted for Using Nazi Salute in Germany

An American Tourist was punched and beaten by a German citizen when he repeatedly made Nazi related hand gestures, ‘hailed’ to Hitler, and was obscene outside of a cafe this past week in downtown Dresden, Germany. The 41-year-old man who made the Nazi gestures was extremely intoxicated.

The man assaulted is also under investigation for using Nazi symbols in Germany, which is illegal in the country. All Nazi related gestures, flags, or remarks have been banned since after World War II in Germany. The man who beat him fled the scene after the assault.

After seeing how white supremacists, including members of the KKK, joined forces in Virginia over the weekend, it makes one wonder if they are resurfacing around the world? Just two weeks before the incident, two Chinese tourists were arrested and thrown in jail for taking pictures while making Nazi hand gestures in front of a building in Berlin.

Germany takes this hatred and ignorance of people quite seriously, due to their historical experience. The question remains where America will draw the line between freedom of speech and inciting hate. This story is ongoing.

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