The Death of New Music in the 21st Century

In today’s day and age, music is all around us. There are so many genres that everyone can find something they like. However, that “amazing” song you found may not be what you think. There is a lot more to notice in a song than you may realize.

Ever since the early 70’s, the production of drastically new music has died. For the longest time, we’ve been listening to the same progressions of chords and rhythms that are different enough for people not to be sued by the previous artist, and different enough that listeners don’t often notice.

For example, most blues song you’ve ever heard use the same 3 chords which professionals call 1:4:5. The 1 chord is of course where you start. For example, if the song is in C, the 1 chord would be a C. Counting 4 steps up from that would land you at F, which would be the 4 chord, and G for the 5th. With that simple knowledge, you can now play the blues on your preferred instrument.

However, many no longer listen to the blues. Pop music is the standard of most listeners, which is why pop stands for popular. In pop music, you can play most songs with 4 chords. 1, 4, 5, and 6 in various orders. As shown by the group that can be seen in the video below, Axis of Awesome, they proved the massive amount of songs one can make using the exact same chords.

As the years pass, we keep inventing new instruments, new genres, and new artists arise who bring something different to the table. However, they’re never as new as they seem, despite the slight differences in their sound. What you hear is the reiteration of what you’ve been hearing all your life. That’s not to say reiterations are a bad thing.

Having so many reiterations is amazing because it shows how creative we can be to make such seemingly different music out of limited supplies. Stan Lee once said, “you either do something completely different, or you do something that’s been done before, but in your own way.” That’s really all the choice we have. It is the creativity of artists that keep music alive. Without creativity, we would’ve ran out of new music years ago even with all the instruments in the world.

Next time you hear an amazing brand new never-before-heard single from your favorite artist, think about the genius creativity in how they are keeping the music alive!


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