The Rise of Khalid

After only being in the spotlight for a brief two years, the artist known as Khalid is crushing milestones and expectations. Signed to Right Hand Music Group and RDA Records, Khalid released the smash hit “Location” in 2016, sparking a huge response on twitter. With this single, Khalid successfully hit over 90 million views on YouTube. Anyone that has listened to his other songs would know that Khalid is anything but a one hit wonder.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to more of his songs, I would recommend these two; “Saved” and “Young Dumb and Broke”. All of Khalid’s songs show an amazingly creative compilation of sounds that bubble emotions up inside of you. This is an artist that has the ability to touch the hearts of his fans for many years to come.

Not to get confused with DJ Khalid; Khalid represents his own original style of music. Born Khalid Robinson, he graduated high school in El Paso, Texas, while captivating audiences around the world. Khalid is now 19 years old, and only getting more famous. As many have noticed and continue to notice, Khalid is redefining what R&B pop music is.

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