Grateful Dead Tribute at Regal Cinemas

Once a year, Regal Cinemas Eagan 16 has a special performance as tribute to the Grateful Dead. This show is a live recording of one of their concerts from over 20 years ago. The Grateful Dead stopped performing in 1995 after Jerry Garcia’s death.  Jerry was the band’s most prominent member, which is why the Regal movie theater picked his birthday, August 1st, to air the shows.

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia

Their concert showcased some of their most famous songs and a couple of long instrumentals, which were out of this world.  Experiencing one of my favorites, “Touch of Grey”, gave me a new found appreciation for the song due to its motion picture audio. Halfway through the show, an incredibly amazing drum duet took place. Grateful Dead rocked me more than 20 years after first listening to them. The Regal performance of the song blasted me back to the past for a musical experience.

For only $13, two and a half hours of my time, and a lot of watching people play their respective instruments, it was worth it for the wonderful experience. The instrumentals themselves were amazing, even with grey haired Jerry Garcia shredding on guitar. Keyboards, bass, drums, guitars, and even an accordion psychedelically rocked through the ages to perform for me and many others.

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