RFID Microchip Implant Technology Being Used on Wisconsin Employees

The company, Three Square Market, in River Falls, Wisconsin will start utilizing chip implants in employees to make access to technology at work more simple. The chip uses near field communication (NFC) to communicate with technology in the area. Employees will be able to buy food and other products with the chip technology.

CEO of Three Square Market, Todd Westby, believes the future will allow employees to use this chip for access to their passport, medical information, financial information, and all other personal information. Employees will also be able to log into computers with this chip, use fax machines, copiers, etc. It will provide “easy access” to all this information and more.

RFID microchip

Aside from Three Square Market, a Swedish company BioHax has already “chipped” many employees. Three Square Market is teaming with BioHax for this move to chip implants. Of course, the microchip is voluntary for all employees and will not be forced. A little over 40 employees have already volunteered to be “chipped” at Three Square Market and the CEO expects others to follow this trend.

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