O.J. Simpson Could be Paroled by October 1st

Nine years ago, O.J. Simpson was thrown in prison for his armed-robbery charge, and could have faced up to 33 years. However, this past week he sat in a parole hearing and those at the hearing thought he would be low-rise to ref fend. Furthermore, he had good plans for integrating back into society after getting out. They believed their decision to approve of Simpson’s parole “although difficult, was fair and just.” Simpson’s plans include moving to Florida when he’s released from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

Simpson apologized and showed remorse for his actions  during the parole hearing. Some say it was similar to how he has always been, from the murder trials to the armed-robbery trial, apologizing and showing remorse for his actions. Watch the O.J. parole hearing below.

Simpson, now 70, may not pose a risk to others after getting out. However, many questions remain unanswered for people around the country who have witnessed his actions after his wife’s murder. His continued apologies since trial on his armed-robbery charge give the impression that he intends to do no harm. Will he commit a crime again? Has he served enough time? Is he a sociopath?

Others believe that Simpson’s armed-robbery sentencing was too hefty, and that the court was originally trying to convict him of his murder charges that had previously been dropped. Since the world still doesn’t know who murdered his wife, the public can never be certain of his innocence. Even if O.J. returns to fame, he will continue to be reminded of the uncertainty surrounding his life in the public eye.

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