Linkin Park Lead Singer: Dead at 41

Chester Bennington was an icon of the 21st century. From “In The End” to “Numb/Encore” there was nothing this singer could not accomplish. His iconic voice has always provided their music with the touch it needed. The epic highs and lows of his particular vocal range are unmatchable by any other singer. Bennington was a talented young man with so much going for him. Linkin Park was on tour this year, and was scheduled for next week in New York with Blink 182.

Bennington was found dead in his home in Los Angeles, California. As of right now, his death has been ruled a suicide. The shock and sadness has radiated through every band member, and across the nation.

Bennington has struggled with depression, alcohol and drug abuse problems throughout his life due to being sexually abused and homeless as a child. He spoke openly about these issues, and had never hid them from family and friends.

Despite this struggle, if you have listened to Linkin Park, you know that he and the band are a musical idol of our time. They played many different genre’s despite being a ‘rock group.’ Bennington always said they didn’t play to please the people, but to please themselves. Since they had a variety of fans, they knew they could never please them all on one album. Nevertheless, they have created so many albums with a variety of songs that can satisfy the most picky listener. Chester Bennington’s legacy will not be forgotten.

Watch the evolution of Linkin Park below.

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