So, You Have OCD? Maybe Not Necessarily

Many people say that things cause them to have “OCD.” Something not being straight, or the house not being clean enough, or whatever it is that makes you “tic.” Tics are a common behavior in OCD, but they are not the main issue.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is when you have paranoid thoughts about certain things; like your door needs to be checked six times to make sure it is locked. You have lingering thoughts that you cannot stop, and you have to take care of the compulsion if you want the obsession to leave your mind. It is not about being extra clean and tidy, or your table cloth not sitting perfectly on the table. While these may be symptoms, it is not just about the actions. OCD is characterized by a disordered way of thinking.

Imagine your thoughts held you captive. You believe that everyone in the room is watching you when you walk, so you have to sit down for a bit to make sure the thoughts stop. You have a lingering feeling that your significant other does not love you, so you become paranoid that they will leave you or cheat. This can occur by thinking they are flirting with every guy/girl that they speak to, or they are secretly talking with someone else. It might leave you jealous, angry, and hurt. Even though it is probably not the case, your disordered way of thinking (OCD) tells you it’s the truth.

Despite popular belief that people have OCD simply by believing something is “out of order,” it is not the case. Saying you or someone else has OCD has become a kind of slang. Make sure you know the whole scoop before labeling yourself or others as having OCD, as it is a real psychological disorder many people suffer from.

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