False Accusations Against Burlington, Vermont Police

After seeing a car running with three people passed out inside the vehicle, police decided to intervene. They wanted to make sure that the individuals were not overdosing or passed out from intoxication. With the high rate of drug trafficking in the Vermont area, this is not a farfetched idea. It took almost 5 minutes to wake the individuals up in the car. All three were underage females from the Burlington area. They had been at a nearby party that was broken up earlier by police due to underage drinking. While the girls had not been drinking, they had a bong in the car and they were in possession of alcohol.

One girl in particular, Logan Huysman, was in possession of a bong in the car. She was cited to go attend drug diversion, and became violent afterwards. She harassed the officer saying repeatedly that her number was 911 and that she wanted her bong back, which she attempted to grab from the policeman’s hand. If you know anything about the law, you just don’t grab things from police if you don’t want to be arrested. She also kicked the policeman in the groin, and was kicking him afterwards while they were attempting to handcuff her.

She resisted arrest for quite sometime, while yelling for help to onlookers or anyone who would listen. Not long after being released from police custody, Huysman took to social media and was adamant about police brutality being the issue. However, the police chief of Burlington police posted a picture of a strongly worded statement against Logan. Not only did she contact every possible news source in the area for attention, she got the attention of USA Today, and of course Mod3rn Media Magazine.

However, a fresh perspective should note that there was no “police brutality” involved in this arrest. Being under arrest means that you do not resist, and that you should never fight officers, even for 18-year-old females like Logan Huysman. Other sources say that she has anemia, which would explain the bruising she had. Another explanation is that she was fighting back, and they had to keep hold of her wrists if they did not want her taking off.

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