Arkansas Seeks to Add Abortion Regulations, Divided Public Reaction

A new mandate in Arkansas forces women who intend on getting an abortion to inform the man who impregnated them about their intentions of getting the abortion. Arkansas already has numerous restrictions on abortion, including 48-hour waiting periods and having only 3 abortion clinics in the state.

This new mandate states that the fetus could be viewed as a “deceased family member,” and thus, requiring the woman to inform the father of the child before deciding what to do with the body. In cases of rape, it would require the woman to inform her rapist or a parent if they’re under 18 about her intentions of getting an abortion. The male does not need to consent to the abortion, but the law states that the woman must inform the male anyway. Furthermore, a rapist can file a lawsuit to stop the abortion if it is in the second-trimester.

The state proposes that the reason for these regulations are to make sure women aren’t getting abortions based on the gender of the fetus. Many who object these regulations, including Planned Parenthood, suggest that the objective of these regulations are to bully women into not getting abortions.

Arguably, whoever put this law into action does not understand the trauma that comes with rape and incest. These mandates ask women to put themselves at risk again, and for what? So a rapist can know he put life inside of the woman and find another way to take advantage of her?

While this bill is supposed to go into effect July 30th, a lawsuit against the bill has already been filed, making it unlikely that it will go through. Follow Mod3rn Media Magazine for further updates on this story and many others.

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