Oregon Makes Abortion A Tax-Funded Procedure

Oregon state legislature has passed a bill making every abortion and 100% of the costs associated with it a tax-funded procedure. With the most lenient rules on abortion in the United States, this bill adds to Oregon’s leniency and makes it quite easy for women of any age to have an abortion.

If not tax-funded, then insurance is required to pay for the abortion without expecting you to make a co-pay. This bill has no “cap” for when abortions will not be funded by taxpayer dollars. Any woman, from anywhere, at any age, during any period in the pregnancy, for any reason, can get an abortion in Oregon.

Democrats who are pro-choice and not necessarily pro-abortion find this to be a victory for women’s rights over their own bodies. With this bill passing in Oregon by a democratic majority vote, many could wonder how lenient Democrats as a whole are on abortion and women’s rights. Some Democrats argue that this Oregon bill is not an attempt to make abortion laws across the country similar to Oregon’s but to make them more liberal than they currently are, while some Republicans argue that this Oregon bill is an attempt by Democrats to make abortion laws across the country the exact same as Oregon’s.

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