Big Pharma Created the Opioid Crisis of the 21st Century and Here’s How

As people may know, Big Pharma is not a “caring and compassionate” company that gives away drugs to actually help people. They are a multi-billion dollar industry that rakes in your money for “miracle” drugs that are anything but. Their objective isn’t your health but their continued profit.

Purdue Pharma began marketing OxyContin in 2001 to the FDA director, who then approved the drug and resigned shortly after. The director then took a top position with a large salary at Purdue Pharma. Purdue said OxyContin would be a beneficial drug that could help end addiction by being a slow 12-hour release drug, to help sustain pain relief all day.

However, this claim was false, but was put all over the labels of OxyContin in 2001 before anyone knew that the claim was invalid. This drug was advertised to patients of all kinds, from those being treated for cancer, to those with broken legs or arms. While it was falsely being marketed, those behind the drug were earning big time; $200 million to be exact.

In 2007, Michael Friedman, Howard Udell, and Paul Goldenheim plead guilty to charges that they had misinformed and misled doctors and patients. But it was already too late, word had spread and drug cartels cut prices in half for heroine to come across the border. Before anyone could grab hold of it, heroine had crossed into the country and become one of the worst health epidemics ever seen in America.

Unfortunately, Purdue Pharma is still in business, and they are some of the richest people of all time as named by Forbes Magazine. It is a shame that our government industries (FDA, Purdue Pharma) fuel the addiction crisis with no intention of cutting back on opioid painkillers. Despite an increase in opioid overdose-related deaths, and increased birth rates of babies who have opioid withdrawal symptoms; our government and those making the medications are substituting the truth to line their own pockets.

Will this ever stop? Follow Mod3rn Media Magazine to see where the road leads in the opioid crisis.

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