North Korea and China’s Responsibility

Tuesday this week showed that China is not going to start “cracking down” on North Korea because of their ballistic missile testing. Spokesman for China, Geng Shuang, told the public that China does not have a responsibility to clean-up after other countries. Shuang believes that China has not poured oil on the fire in North Korea, but that other countries, like the United States and Japan, have been doing so.

In response to last weeks intercontinental ballistic missile testing by North Korea, the U.S. launched a missile defense system known as “FAD,” which would be able to stop an intermediate range ballistic missile. This defense system had a successful launch. Earlier this year, the U.S. had already placed an “FAD” in South Korea, which has not helped peace come to that area of the world.

Japan has made a plea to China’s government to put pressure on North Korea. However, this has not moved China, they have tried to remain peaceful with North Korea and believe that other countries should do the same. Although China was also outraged by North Korea’s missile testing, they do not believe adding to the fire can cool the flames. They plan to continue seeking a peaceful route with North Korea.

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