Imagine Dragons Return to the Music Spotlight

The alternative rock band, Imagine Dragons, is back with their new album “Evolve” after a year-long break. The band members sat down together and listened to the entire album, and agreed with one another that they had finally found their sound. Other albums they have produced did not give them the same feeling as this new one. Prior to “Evolve” band members were not sure they knew what their sound was supposed to be.

Other albums have been “overproduced” in lead singer Dan Reynolds words. They were just not able to find that creative edge they needed to really sound how they desired. However, on “Evolve” they have the producers Mattman and Robin, who are a Swedish-duo. They have helped Imagine Dragons through every step of producing this album, which could be why their single “Believer” has already become a huge hit.

During their year-long break, the band members were able to unwind, see family, and recuperate. Several years ago they were a “nobody” band, playing opening acts and concerts anywhere they could. They were broke one day, and famous the next. It was a rapid turning point, and the band members agree that they did not expect the stress that came with touring all the time. They also did not realize how taxing it would be on them, but it finally caught up.

Lead singer, Dan Reynolds, was thankful to have the time off. He was battling depression and was in dire need of a break. Throughout the past year he has been able to reconnect with his wife and spend time with his newborn twins, which he says has helped him realize that love is beautiful. This idea of love being beautiful and not so cliché, is reflected in some of the songs on “Evolve.”

They have worked through their musical weaknesses and have come out on top. Most of their summer will be spent in Europe touring, after which they will come to the United States to finish off the tour. All the band members agree that touring is the best part of writing music. The rush of the crowd, and the high it brings them is unlike anything and they wouldn’t trade it for the world. Imagine Dragons will continue to soar high and make more records in the coming years.

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