Applying for Jobs? It Pays to Pay Attention

People have been struggling to find employment and the job market has been tough these days. However, some people are applying for jobs the way they swipe on Tinder – too fast and without much thought. This automatic world we live in has given us access to thousands of jobs, anywhere in the world, for any possible position. While being able to access thousands of jobs at the click of a button may be helpful, it also could be harmful.

Being able to see any job you want on Indeed or LinkedIn may come with a price. You may write the “perfect” cover letter and resume, but there is a great chance you missed the fine details of what the employer was looking for. Making the perfect cover letter does not mean you will get the job of your dreams. You may have just written words as scripted and perfected as possible in an attempt to impress your possible employer, but you missed the mark.

There is a great chance you did not go back and read what the employer was looking for, or what the company actually does on a daily basis. You may have just skimmed over the job qualifications, found one thing you had in common and went straight to the application. Stop. You are not going to get the job. When you don’t check what the employer is seeking in an employee, you are not applying for the job, but merely going through the motions in an attempt to get a job.

How long have you been with your current company? A few months? A few years? A new employer will look at this and wonder, “when will they decide to leave here?” Have you thought about what this looks like to a potential employer? When you have only been with a company for 3 months, it causes employers to raise their eyebrows. It is not attractive to have a short-term job history. If you can manage, and you are not moving, stay with your company as long as possible.

Next, did you truly read through the qualifications? If so, do you meet them or are you just hoping they will hire you so you can attain these qualifications? If you do not meet the minimum qualifications, do not apply for the job. Chances are you did not read through all of the “preferred qualifications” because you have a feeling that you will not meet them. But you should read them, because employers do not want to waste their day staring at an unqualified applicant’s cover letters and resumes.

Lastly, did you Mad-Lib your cover letter to make it sound “smart?” Stop. You do not sound smart by creating a wordy cover letter that states “you are amazing” in five different ways. This will not get you the job. To get the job you want, you actually have to look at what the company does. When you look at what they do, decide whether or not you would truly be able to do that, and if you are a good fit for the position you are applying for. This step is extremely important. Employers do not care about your charm and beauty, they want your honesty, and they want you to be qualified.

Morale of the story, do not go applying for jobs like you swipe on Tinder. Websites like Tinder, Indeed, Facebook, and LinkedIn, all need to be utilized according to their true purposes. If you do not understand how to successfully navigate these websites, contact Mod3rn Media Magazine for helpful tips.

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