Anti-Semitic Graffiti on Mailbox May Stay to Prove a Point

The Simones’ came home on July fourth after a nice weekend with family, to papers on their mailbox. Little did they know, these papers were covering the word “Jew” and a swastika that had been graffitied onto their mailbox. Ari Simones went to check out the papers, and found the anti-Semitic graffiti the paper was covering. Neighbors around them placed the papers over the hateful graffiti in order to protect the family, but their effort to conceal it did not prevail.

Anti Semetic Graffiti
Photo: Sean Logan

Now, the Simones’ are unsure of whether to take it off, cover it up, or leave it. They may cover up the swastika, as it is a symbol of hate, but they may leave the word “Jew” on their mailbox. The Simones’ say that they are proud to be Jews, and they would never live their life a different way, nor would they want to hide or cover up who they are. Keeping the word “Jew” graffitied on their mailbox would show whoever did this that they are “not scared.”

Ari and Shoshana Simones remain undecided about how to handle this hateful act, but they know that no matter what, they are proud to be Jewish and they will never be scared of those who hate them for it. The Simones’ live in Phoenix, Arizona. Ari Simones, 30, is an employee of the Arizona Department of Child Safety and Child Welfare Investigation. Shoshana Simones, 29, is a “wish manager” with Make-A-Wish Arizona. They are both active members of their community and are unapologetic about who they are, regardless of being hatefully targeted.


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