TNT Recalls 36,000 Fireworks Due to Malfunctions Causing Explosions

TNT’s Red, White, & Blue Smoke fireworks were reported to have exploded due to a manufacturing error. This caused a few cases of burns to unsuspecting victims. The company put out a voluntary recall on approximately 36,000 boxes of these fireworks in four states. If you bought these fireworks out of Illinois, Wisconsin, Vermont, or Ohio you’ll be able to bring them back for a full refund.


The Fourth of July is full of fireworks to celebrate our nation’s independence, and what a celebration it is. Through the years, fireworks became more and more powerful which meant extra caution was needed. Although we like to think that most of the fireworks we can buy from supermarkets are safe, due to recent accidents this may not be the case anymore.

Pyrotechnics can be a dangerous game, so be careful this Fourth of July. If you are going to watch the fireworks this year, my advice is to find your cities firework show and leave the dangerous work to the professionals. Make sure to not be careless if you buy your own fireworks, this will keep your celebration from turning into a tragedy.

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