Highland Towers in London ‘Can’t Take the Heat’

Amidst all the action following the new health-care bill and multiple court decisions, its important that we maintain vigilance on all other things happening around us. Of course, I am talking about the horrendous incident recently in London, where fire engulfed Grenfell Tower in North Kesington on June 14th. This fire is believed to have taken 79 lives and possibly more, due to the heat of the fire reaching 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is equal to that of the cremation process when one passes.


After this horrible fire, Prime Minister Mays ordered an investigation into building safety inspections. These investigations led to testing the cladding of the rest of the Hightower buildings in Britain. As of now, all 75 buildings that were tested as a result of the investigation have failed. Due to the failures these buildings are facing, residents of five high-rise towers of the Chacolette Estate in the Northwest London region were asked to vacate the area. The number of people who have been displaced from their homes is currently estimated to be 4,000, coming from 800 different apartments.

It is not clearly stated what the next step is at this point of the investigation, whether that be tearing down these building or renovating to bring them up to date to meet the building codes of the U.K. However, one major effect of this situation has been the halt of sales by the American Manufacturer of aluminum composite panels that were used as cladding in London’s Grenfell tower.



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