Albert Pujols Reaches 600 Home Run Club – Consistent Player or One Trick Pony

On Saturday June 3rd, Albert Pujols hit his 600th career home run against the Minnesota Twins. With his ninth home run of the season, he became the ninth Major League Baseball player in history to get into the 600 home run club. Pujols also has the most career home runs than any active player currently in the NBL by 149. Did this happen by the skills he possesses or the one skill he possesses?

Numerous people would say that it is due to the many skills he possesses. Mostly because in order to have the ninth most career home runs, he would have to be extremely talented. Pujols is also consistent on hitting his home runs with having 51 percent in the first half of his career. His skills have even been noted as obvious by being an All-Star for 10 years.

In Pujols’ 17-year career, it was clear that he was at the top of his game in the 7 seasons of 2003 to 2009, with a batting average of .337 while he was with the St. Louis Cardinals. However, in the last six seasons Pujols has not batted with an average above a .300.

People need to think about the big picture. In every sport, it’s all about consistency. Pujols may have consistence on hitting home runs, but he was far from consistent on hits and runs. In the long run, hits and runs are what matter most. Pujols definitely has skill when it comes to home runs, but he lacks the necessary skill when it comes to the consistent game besides home runs.

Pujols was the designated hitter for most of the games he played, and not being above a .300 is not good. Nevertheless, Pujols will be remembered in history for his home runs and the remarkable feet of being only the 9th player to ever reach 600 home runs. Although the consistent game is important in baseball, it’s also important in life to achieve astonishing accomplishments.


-Photo by Michael Reynolds


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