Universal Vibration: An Empirical Approach to Creation

Energy that is manifested obeys universal law. Universal laws exist because all things derive from the same thing. The physical understanding of this fundamental property is matter. The argued true fundamental property of everything is a force that matter responds to. The action that caused this force is referred to as consciousness. To conceptualize this concept, imagine a sandbox. With nothing occurring to the sandbox, movement is not present. As Newton’s first law of motion states, an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by force. Without any force acted on to the sandbox, it remains still. Think now of a high frequency being presented to the sandbox. This high frequency, naturally, by the fundamental laws of nature creates a pattern like so.

This natural vibrational phenomena discovered by Hans Jenny is called cymatics. Any physical attempts at empirical evidence will result in the simple yet complex form depicted in the images above. The philosophical inquiry is to apply the actions of the sand to the nature of existence. In existence, every perceivable swirl in the image is a representation of galaxies interacting. The presence of human existence is present in the deep individual grains of sand that cannot be perceived but play their own role as a respondent of the frequency.

The question at hand is not if cymatics is occurring, but by how the original frequency in reality was omitted. To shift the concept in perspective, there is a notion of mind and body. To note briefly, there are those that would argue that the omitted frequency itself is the basis of mind or the mental world, and physicality is the response to this vibration. Hans Jenny indicated that sound wave does not influence at all the shape of the body or the shape of the pattern, that the only thing that changes due to vibration is the arrangement of the sand. In this sense, it must be understood that objects without consciousness could not have been otherwise from responding to the frequency as humans could not have been conscienceless objects in response to the frequency. In a sense, substance that responded to the frequency to create a human must have had the capability to create DNA such as the substance that became metal must have had the capability to become such.

It is possible to instinctually argue why all humans aren’t the same after responding to the frequency. In the regard, it must be understood that all grains of sand in the sandbox behave differently in response to the frequency while maintaining the pattern. Apply this understanding to creatures with consciousness and you get a wide range of variation in behavior. Nevertheless, all are responding to the same frequency. Also, all continues to be sand. There is a fork in the road of reason, so to speak, where one must identify themselves with a method of thought. One side of the road states that there was sand, or physicality, already present before the frequency was omitted that then responded to the frequency. The other side of the road states that the frequency itself created physicality. The reason for the plausibility of the latter is that physicality cannot create consciousness but consciousness can create physicality. With this being said, theology has a notion that I believe needs to be brought to light for those of the kind. The notion states that in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. Thus, the supposition claims that the word has been given empirical evidence known as cymatics. In other words, cymatics is a visual representation of how such a word could result in the creation of existence and the behavior of matter.


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