Why The Traditional Hell Doesn’t Make Sense

The conclusion of the writing must be understood, that the traditional concept of Hell does not make sense. In other words, it seems as though the traditional concept of a hell was made by man to keep mankind from doing evil deeds. It must be understood that the topic in question is Hell and not the opposite. If we assume that there is a one being that is a master of all things and that through its nature of existing created all facets of the Universe, which may be argued as being itself in physical form, then we would assume that such a being would also be the creator of a hell. To get more insight on this being, read The Entity or The Cosmos: Truth vs. Perspective. In previous writing, the topic of  God purposefully creating mankind or being forced to do so by its own nature was discussed. The topic of free will is also discussed, this is the most important concept relating to a hell. We will deal with both purposeful creation and “forced through own nature” creation.

First, the easier one to deal with. If God did in fact purposefully give mankind free will, then how can someone be punished with an eternity of agony for making the wrong choices. If one could have made everyone do good but chose to give people a choice, then who is at fault for the wrong doing? Let us remember, to speak of God is to speak of the utmost intelligence imaginable. Remember too, that this is one perspective of many. Now, if one knows that all good and all bad things occur and you give a species that grows exponentially the ability of decision, will it not follow that some will make very good decision while others will make very bad decisions? So, is it then the fault of those that made the decisions? This concept takes much thought, it is easy to say “well of course, they decided to act such a way so it is their fault”. It must be remembered however that someone somewhere has to be the one to make that bad decision, someone must be the negative to make the balance. Is it then that individual’s fault that they were the balance?

For those thinking on a humanistic level, do not. Humanity can still judge what they deem to be good and bad, who goes to prison and these types of things. We are speaking about eternal judgement. If asked why the topic is of concern when such a thing may not be existent, I would implore the reader to think of this: energy never dissipates, it only transforms. What of the energy that powers a person? If energy never dissipates but only transforms, what happens to the energy that powers a person after their physical body can no longer be utilized?

Now then, the more complicated perspective of the topic. What if free will was not purposefully given to humanity? Would a hell be justified if free will was not willingly given? Let’s play the devil’s advocate here for a second, so to speak. We could attempt to reason that if free will was not given willingly then Hell would be the way to judge those who did not perform well. Well, said advocate would have a point. However, the concept of the balance is still at play. It must be maintained. This perspective is not easy to grasp, so I implore the heightening of reasoning. One could ask, why the balance wouldn’t be done in the cosmos. Why not balance the goodness of mankind with the destruction of faraway planets or regions with no inhabitants? The counterargument is that the two are not of equal to have the ability to balance. Nevertheless, imagine an individual, while within the perspective of unwilling free will, who has a mental illness of some sorts that does not allow them to differentiate good and bad. This individual then commits mass murder. Remember we do not deal with human judgement but that of eternal judgement. How do you judge the individual that was the balance? I do agree in the extremity of the scenario, so let us change the scenario.

If we assume there is an all mighty, then it would be the balance. It would also follow that everything of its creation would follow suit, including humanity. How do you blame your creation when its only fault was being created by you? Say there is an individual, nothing at all wrong with their mental state and they commit horrific actions. Man makes judgement as they should, but then the Almighty is faced with the individual. Where is the true blame? On the creation, or the creator of which the creation is a reflection of?

Now, this is not to say that one must disregard all consciousness and run rampant with ill doings to think that no consequence will occur. Mankind can still place judgement on one another, limiting the time one has on this precious plane of existence. The worry should not be that of the afterlife, but of not being able to truly enjoy this one. We must still stay true and good to each other as is the nature of humanity and the way to a better future. Remember, the balance does not mean let evil live, it means know that it exists in us all but only the good need be revealed.



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