The Entity

There is a supposition that must be accepted before claims are made, that all of existence is one entity and nothing other. That everything is powered by itself. If personal perception refuses to accept the supposition then humors of the supposition are necessary. If we accept this supposition then would we not be able to accept that due to everything having energy, the entity would have produced its own energy. The question that will be asked now is, if the entity is willingly emitting the energy or if it is forcibly emitting it by the nature of its own existence.

How would an individual accept the existence of human beings under either question of the supposition? In other words, what was the reason or necessity for conscious existence? If the entity willingly gave the energy, then it would have to be accepted that a level of consciousness is present. It would however be easier to accept that human existence is random if one supposes that the entity gives off the energy forcibly through its existence.  If one assumes that it was through willingness, what does the individual looking at his own existence come to find?

The question arises that if the entity willingly gave off the energy, was it through purposeful willingness that mankind came to be? In other words, in the willingness of creating the cosmos and life, if there was a purpose in mind. A dissent would put forth the thought that through the chaos of emitted energy did human existence come about. The dissent would assume that through the vastness of the energy came all possibilities of energy. Of course this would have to be true if one would not accept willingness of emitting energy. The conflict within the willingness of creation is why all possible negatives exist with all possible positives, unless of course the entity did so as part of a purpose. If the entity is forced by its nature of existing to emit energy, then it must do so with all possible kinds of energy to make all possible kinds of existence. This makes accepting suffering easier because the entity would have had no choice but to create suffering.

To lay to rest the discussion of suffering, there is no virtue without the existence of the opposite. Nevertheless, due to the supposition being that all is one entity, then it must follow that all within it is also a part of it and sharing part of its characteristics. Now, we find that through supposing that all is one entity, one would be found assuming that the human characteristics of consciousness are a part of the entities. All that remains is the purpose of conscious awareness.


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