Race Perception as Opposed to Experience

If the reader must know, I am not of the majority race in the demographics I reside, which is the northwestern hemisphere. There seem to be notions in society that there are aspects of a race that enable rights that other races do not have, whether verbal or behavioral. As defined by today’s common language, race is an interbreeding group of a species. I will not be daunting with extensive explanations of the subject at hand, but there is a need for slight introduction. The current purpose of discussing race is to identify the mistaken correlation between race and behavior. Behavior, is of course defined as the way in which one acts or conducts themselves. Human beings, unfortunately, constricted to interpreting life through physical perception, are unable to view another person through that person’s mind as the only source of interpretation. In some places, most of a certain breed behave in manners different than other breeds. In some cases, it eventually leads to some being allowed to behave in ways that others cannot. Eventually, when one is allowed to behave the same ways as the others, the perception of the behavior is seen as not congruent with expectations. In other words, some races are expected to behave in ways that are congruent with how society expects that race to behave. What occurs is that people forget to view others as individuals and only see them as that race. We see in societies that the reasons for behaviors people express are due to their experiences. So, what happens when a breed is placed, early in youth, into the dwellings of the other side of expected behavior? It follows that regardless of the breed of the species, the mind of the being will conform to its environment through experience. In other words, regardless of your race, you are likely to conform to the behaviors of your environment.

What good would be done by just identifying the issue? What is necessary to figure out is what to do to assure that breeds of species are not looked at as lesser than another. As it was concluded, the mind will conform to expectation through experience. Would it not follow that having an understandable attainable expectation to conform to through experience for the entire species would be the solution?

Through the progression of time and continued experience, it would follow that there be an exponential expansion of an expectation. There is a very large niche in the solution that must be assured, all breeds must be allowed to conform. When all are not allowed to conform or accepted, then situations like 1619 and 1933-1945 occur. This is the reason for the understandable attainable part of the solution. The understandable claim suggests that the conformity must be a behavior that either sides of a social perspective can visualize each other depicting. It is not a solution to give both sides a possibly individually positive perception to uphold as the other perspective may feel belittled or threatened. When the conformity can be an easily acceptable expectation to have for other breeds, then all can harmonize life together.


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